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Humans of New York

Okay, so, I finally bought this because the price (on sale for $15-something, $10.49 with promo code) will probably never be this good again.

Amazon is out of stock right now, but if you order it they’ll give you the sale price and ship it when they get their next shipment, which is rumored to be next week.

Promo code: BOOKDEAL


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Gender-Neutral Sasha


My two cents:

If you want to obliterate gender stereotypes, fine. But you don’t accomplish that by obliterating gender itself.

Sasha’s parents are not raising him to find his own identity; they’re raising him to be as open as possible to any and all identities. My prediction is that Sasha will not find himself; he will lose himself in all the options. And his parents, having already made their grand statement, will likely slip away and leave him to pick up the pieces. Because nobody survives childhood or parenthood in one piece.

Side note: this video is a perfect example of the fact that all parents “brainwash” their children; not just religious ones.

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Lindsay: Oh, and he turned into an ostrich at the end…

Marky: That’s funny. I actually run an ostrich farm.

Background Choir: *cooiIIINNNNNcccideEEEEENNCEE*

Lindsay: That’s not a coincidence.

Background Choir: *YEEESSSsss it isssSSSSSSS*

Died laughing. Oh my goodness… this season isn’t as good as the others, but it still has its moments.

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I tried to write a poem, but it wouldn’t come.

I tried to write a blog post, but it was jumbled.

I tried to write a stream of consciousness, but my words are stuck in my gut.

I trusted her.

You hear about leaders falling, and your heart goes out to them. And you say a lot of words about grace and faulty pedestals. But it’s so much harder to be Christ to those leaders when you are the one betrayed.

So, I suppose, I am humbled once again.

I trusted her.

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The Unsettling Beauty of Lethal Viruses

To create a body of work he calls “Glass Microbiology,” [Luke] Jerram has enlisted the help of virologist Andrew Davidson from the University of Bristol and the expertise of professional glassblowers Kim George, Brian George and Norman Veitch. Together, the cross-disciplinary team brings hazardous pathogens, such as the H1N1 virus or HIV, to light in translucent glass forms.

The artist  insists that his sculptures be colorless, in contrast to the images scientists sometimes disseminate that are enhanced with bright hues. “Viruses have no color as they are smaller than the wavelength of light,” says Jerram, in an email. “So the artworks are created as alternative representations of viruses to the artificially colored imagery we receive through the media.” Jerram and Davidson create sketches, which they then take to the glassblowers, to see whether the intricate structures of the diseases can be replicated in glass, at approximately one million times their original size. - Continue reading at Smithsonian.com.

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